Yisrael Lutnick’s Gesharim

A Musical Journey You Will Enjoy Over and Over AgainSeth Yisra’el Lutnick

Every so often, you hear a song that touches you in a special way. It may motivate you, it may relax you, it may bring on wonderful memories and beautiful feelings. Those are the songs that come from the soul, and speak to the soul. They make you think, they move you. Those are the kinds of songs on Gesharim.

Why is this Jewish music album different from all other Jewish music albums?

Gesharim is a unique album by a unique composer. Yisra’el Lutnick is a yeshiva graduate who has always had a burning passion for classical music and Broadway. His songs reflect a real musicality and spiritual sincerity. The music is beautifully melodic and richly layered. That is why this is not a one-listen album.

An ongoing journey to spiritual growth for the price of a CD

Crossing a bridge can be a metaphor for life. Many people prefer to remain where they are, in safety, rather than venturing forth in search of new adventures. As human beings, we need to grow. The only way we will grow is if we muster up the courage to go cross that bridge, and conquer our fear of what lays on the other side. Gesharim, which means bridges, is more than just songs. It is a journey. A very pleasant and important one.

I’ve listened to these songs literally hundreds of times, yet each time I put in the CD, I am touched anew. So will you be. Enjoy it … a lot!

Gesharim, a beautiful, spiritual album that is proud to be Jewish

Would discovering some beautiful music lift your mood in these tough times?Music helped me get through the pandemic. And there’s lots of it out there, but does it all speak to you? There’s loud music, brassy bombastic music, gimmicky music. Does it sometimes feel like too much?