Gesharim, by Yisrael Lutnick

I’ve been hard at work getting more music ready to share, and now my first pro album, originally released about 1000 years ago, is ready to see your home. Gesharim is here! The original CD!

But I wanted to reconnect with where I am now, so I created a program notes booklet to go along with it, and, of course, a new graphic cover art for the booklet. The CDs are the original ones, so they are packaged with the first simple photo.

I’ve also revisited some of the recordings, and when you buy, you will get all songs in digital downloads as well! Most are the original mixes, since I like them a lot. Those that I felt needed a new touch, so I gave them a new touch.

Sometimes it was a small touch, like Ale Asor with a slightly punchier master, Gesharim (the song) with a better vocal balance, and Im Eshkachech where I redid the vocal arrangement. In that song, I sang it anew (a millenium later), but combined it with the original choir and brilliant musical solos.

Oseh Shalom is the only song I redid from scratch. I raised the key, created a fuller choir, and enriched the textures a lot. You can listen to the CD version of all of these, and then compare to the new digital ones. Let me know what you think?

Thanks, Shalom!


Gesharim, rediscovered, is now available
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