Gesharim, a beautiful, spiritual album that is proud to be Jewish

Would discovering some beautiful music lift your mood in these tough times? Music helped me get through the pandemic, and now there’s a war. There’s lots of music out there, but does it all speak to you? There’s loud music, brassy bombastic music, gimmicky music. Does it sometimes feel like too much? Would something gentler, more harmonious, will ease you into a better place?
Gesharim, by Yisrael Lutnick
Gesharim, by Yisrael Lutnick

Why is this album different from all others?


Gesharim is a unique album by a unique composer. Yisra’el Lutnick is a yeshiva graduate who has always had a burning passion for classical music and Broadway. His songs reflect a real musicality and spiritual sincerity. The music is beautifully melodic and richly layered. That is why this is not a one-listen album.

And now, Gesharim is having it’s Rediscovery Release, with bonus downloads and a gift booklet.

Crossing a bridge can be a metaphor for life. Many people prefer to remain where they are, in safety, rather than venturing forth in search of new adventures. As human beings, we need to grow. The only way we will grow is if we muster up the courage to go cross that bridge, and conquer our fear of what lays on the other side. Gesharim, which means bridges, is more than just songs. It is a journey. A very pleasant and important one.

I’ve listened to these songs literally hundreds of times, yet each time I put in the CD, I am touched anew. So will you be. Enjoy it … a lot!


Thirteen songs you will love over and over again

A Nigun – A joyous melody. Joy is beyond words, so get up and dance!

Im Eshkachech – She is where heaven and earth meet, and this is a love song to her.

"If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand be forgotten."

Ale Asor – A touch of swing, with sax appeal! And trumpet. Anybody catch the Mendelsohnn?

"Because you have made me joyful by Your words, I shall sing of Your creations."

Gesharim  – A call to everyone who still dreams, to get moving. A power pop ballad.

"Bridges call out to the one who remains behind in imaginary satisfaction. It makes no difference where you are now, but rather to where do you journey?"  

Od Yishama – Dance of joy, with a lively beat.

"The day will come when we will hear the voices of complete happiness."

Ma Naavu – Based on ancient cantillation tones, a peaceful anticipation.

"How pleasant upon the hills are the footsteps of the harbinger of redemption!"

Makom Ba'aretz – Everyone must love peace. Hatred and bigotry have no place in our civilized world. Spread the word.

"It's no secret. There's so much to learn from all the wonderfully different people in our world."

Captives – Bring them home, bring comfort to their families. There are still some missing soldiers whose fate we don’t know. This song includes radio calls from surrounded soldiers in the Yom kippur War. Courtesy of Avi Yaffe and their families.

"Please whisper to him how much we want him home."

Tikva – Hope can conquer. Never even think to harm yourself, tomorrow will be a great day. this song is upbeat, you be also.

"Don't do what can't be undone. Rather, grasp that which really helps. Grasp hope, it is always there for you."

Hashivenu – Clap and sing. Hassidic flavor, inspired by the great Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zl.

"Bring us back to You, and we'll return to Your ways."

Why? – The most difficult question. And yet, the sun still shines, life goes on. A heartfelt ballad.

"Please tell me why on a summer's day, all the world rejoicing all of nature at play, comes a storm striking out in a lightning blaze, cutting down forever the young and the brave."

Am Yisrael Chai – Catchy bouncy tune about Israel, the miraculous. There's a secret melody that gives the gift of eternity.

"Am Yisrael chai, singing our song. Someday all humanity will join along."

Oseh Shalom – An symphonic beauty, with an inspired melody.

" May He who makes peace in Heaven, grant us peace."

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