Turn the World

Written in the difficult days after the October 7th massacre of the Gaza periphery communities, this song reflects the incredible determination of the Jewish Nation to fight for all that is decent and life-affirming in the world. Those who espouse a dark world must be defeated. And then, we turn to He Who Makes Peace […]

Anachnu It’chem – a song for צה”ל

The slogan here in Israel is “Together we shall prevail.” As it became clear on October 7th that some of our close neighbors desire our annihilation and are prepared to do almost anything to achieve it, the Jewish people of Israel have come together with incredible determination. The soldiers of the IDF are the children, […]

Am Yisrael CHAI!

The aspiration of the Jewish nation, as expressed with unparalleled eloquence by our prophets, is that all of humanity shall dwell in the world in peace. Despite all that has happened, that dream is alive and well.

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