I did something different and exciting the other day. I’m creating lots of new content based on the original Gesharim, including some new videos.

So yesterday, I packed up my camera, my phone with my music on it, and my trusty headphones, and headed out to Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem.

I found a nice place to sit, set up the camera, put on the headphones, and sang about eight of my songs, live. People were walking by, sometimes they acknowledged my existence, sometimes they even tried to sing along, and sometimes they just waved.

At first, it was a little uncomfortable for me, but after the first couple of songs, I realized how much fun it was. Just to be out there, in the beautiful ancient Jerusalem scenery, singing my heart out. Not caring if someone heard at all.

After I finished, I went back down to the car to review what I got. Lo and behold, there was a shadow going right down the middle of my face for half of the songs. Oy!

But then I cheered up. I was going to get to do it again! Camera and tripod back into the bag, phone and headphones back into their pouch, and me, back up to the Jaffa Gate plaza to do it again. This time, I was careful about my shadows, and had even more fun. The only disturbance was when two yeshiva students started dancing along, and were going to get in the way of the camera. That was cool too.

Music is awesome!

Singing in the Park
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